National Security


We need to make sure that our returning veterans are well taken care of. As a son, grandson, and brother of both retired and active service people it is very important to me that we make sure that the VA system is run efficiently and kept well funded. We need to make sure that we are providing all of the resources our veterans need and providing them with high quality care. We need to make sure that staff is held accountable if the high standards our veterans should expect is not being met.

National Security

We need to make sure that all diplomatic options have been exhausted before we decide to send our troops into danger. We need to make sure that we do not needlessly escalate conflicts and destabilize already unstable regions. This simply puts our troops in those regions in more danger.


While we should continue to support our allies in the Middle East in their fight against ISIS we need to also make the ideology behind ISIS less attractive. We need to make sure that the Middle East becomes more stable. We should strive to engage diplomatically with all the powers in the region to deescalate the growing conflict there.