Budget and Taxes


Taxes should be progressive and simple. There is no reason that we should be working to give the wealthy massive tax cuts at the expense of vital government services. Tax cuts have never been shown to pay for themselves and tax cuts for the wealthy are unlikely to translate to an improved economy or benefits for lower and middle class Americans. There is also no reason that millions of Americans should spend on average 4 hours doing their taxes. By simplifying our tax code and allowing the IRS to use the information they already have to pre-fill out portions of returns can make filing taxes can be a much easier process.


While we should always look for eliminating government waste and inefficient programs, we should not focus on cutting vital programs. There should be no cuts to programs that help the poor, elderly, and unemployed. We should stand by our commitment as a country to help those in need and provide aid through SNAP, TANF, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. We should be trying to strengthen these programs not slashing them to give tax cuts to the wealthy. In addition, we should not shortsightedly eliminate essential research into science and technology. Grants and funding from the government are essential to making sure we continue to be a leader in technological advancement.