Many of the communities in our district have been hit hard by jobs leaving this area. We need to provide Americans with the skills needed to pursue the jobs of the future. Skill training programs should be expanded to help those that have lost jobs rather than cutting them. We need to focus on making sure Americans can compete in new and expanding industries. We need to make sure we also strengthen our unions so that our workers have protection against workplace hazards and abuses and have the strength of collective bargaining to negotiate better wages and benefits.

Minimum Wage

We should make sure that all Americans are paid a living wage. We should set this at a level where all Americans can support themselves and their families with their salaries.

  • Invest for job training and regional development
    • Make sure that this training is evidence based and shows improvement in employment and skills
  • Invest in our infrastructure
    • Creates jobs
    • Improves citizens lives
    • Creates conditions for businesses to thrive
  • Make sure that all our workers have the ability to live off their salaries
    • Reduces spending
    • Increases money that can spent in communities which will further improve the economy