Healthcare is an important right that every citizen of the United States should be entitled to. Too often today Americans are bankrupted by medical costs. This should be unacceptable in our county. Everyone should have access to healthcare and be secure that if something happens they will be covered. Just as importantly those that are sick should know that they will not be punished simplify by being sick. Reducing the ability of those with pre-existing conditions to access affordable care by either pricing them out of the market or denying them coverage is not acceptable. At the minimum, the ACA needs to be strengthened so that the gains made since its passing are not lost. If this is still not enough to make sure that everyone can get coverage, people should be able to buy into Medicaid or Medicare to be insured. We should not go the way of the Republican party, where their answer is they will accept 20 million more Americans losing coverage if they can pass a massive tax break for the wealthy pretending to be healthcare reform.
There are already laws that prevent any federal money being used to fund abortions. This can’t be used as an excuse to restrict federal funding that goes to support women’s health. We should not be restricting where Americans get their health care from. The infant and maternal mortality rate in the United States is far too high already. We need to further increase care for mothers and children rather than targeting them for cuts.

Mental Health

Far too many Americans with mental illnesses are incarcerated and not being treated. There are frequently more people with serious mental health issues in prison than in psychiatric hospitals. Similarly, up to 25% of homeless Americans suffer from severe mental illness. We should work to offer better treatment for those with mental health issues. Hopefully, this can help those with mental illness to not suffer from homelessness and to help prevent them from being victims of or perpetrators of crimes.

Family Leave

Giving parents sufficient family leave has been shown to improve the health of the parents and children. We are the only wealthy country that offers no mandatory paid leave. We should work to give all parents the ability to take leave to recover and bond with their children without risking financial difficulties or losing their jobs.


  • Stabilize exchanges so we can start minimizing premiums
    • Enforce mandate
    • Ensure that CSR payments are made
    • Create reinsurance fund to help reduce premiums
  • Expand coverage to more Americans
    • Work towards public option or single payer
  • Increase funds to combat opioid crisis and improve mental health care
  • Lower drug prices
    • Encourage generic drug competition
    • Negotiate with drug companies to keep drug prices affordable while also making sure we incentivize drug R and D